Friday, 23 September 2016

Week beginning 19.09.16

I'm sure you will all agree that the children did a fantastic job in their class assembly this morning. I gave them very little time to practice and I was really impressed with how quickly they learnt their lines. I hope you all enjoyed it.

We have been discussing some grammatical vocabulary in Literacy this week. The children have been identifying common nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepostions in different text types. They then had a go at writing their own sentences which included a combination of the above. Next week we will begin our fiction unit 'Christophes Story'.

We have been doing lots of problem solving in Maths this week. The children had to write clues about a decimal number they were thinking of, and then their partner had to guess the number. Next week we will be looking further at decimal numbers, specifically using the four mathematical operations.

In Science this week we began an experiment looking at how shadows change throughout the day. We are hoping for nice weather next week so we can collect some results! We will also be looking at the phases of the moon next week. I know there was some confusion with the science homework set earlier this week. All the children should now have a moon diary in their homework folders which they need to continue filling in till the 7th October. Thank you all for returning the space museum reply slips so promptly and to those parents who have offered to help out. Unfortunately we can't take everyone but I will pick names from a hat and let you know early next week. I am sure this will be an exciting trip.

This afternoon we had an esafety lesson as part of our Computing unit. The children really impressed me with their knowledge of the internet and showed great maturity when discussing this together. There will be an esafety workshop running for parents this term.

As well as the Science, Reading and Spelling homework, I have set the children some Maths homework on Abacus this week. Their logins are the same as last year but if the children cannot remember these I will hand them out on Monday. There is also some RE research which I would like the children to complete. Further details of the above are on the slips in their homework diary.

The children will have the opportunity to visit the library on Monday morning to get a new reading book. If they are finished, could you please remind the children to bring in their books from our last visit. No more than two books can be taken out at one time.

We have some really exciting assemblies to look forward to next week. On Monday the 'King Of Hearts' are going to be singing to us and on Wednesday a friend of Mrs Sandhu is going to be talking to us about his experience climbing Mount Everest.

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and the children come back refreshed for another busy week in school!

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