Friday, 16 December 2016


It's been a fun-filled, festive week in school!

On Monday afternoon the children took part in a reconciliation service with Canon Tony and afterwards they were given the opportunity to attend confession.

On Tuesday afternoon the children were lucky enough to watch Sienna in 'Cinderella' at the Public Halls. She was fantastic and the children really enjoyed themselves.

The school were also treated to an orchestra and brass concert this week. Well done to all of the children who took part-you were superb!

On Thursday, children and staff were served a delicious Christmas meal complete with crackers and homemade table decorations.

Despite all of this, we have managed to do some work! In English the children wrote letters to Santa, using persuasive language to try and persuade him to bring them presents this Christmas time. The children have also taken part in a series of Maths problem solving activities with a Christmas theme!

We still have lots more to look forward to before the end of term, including the KS2 Dance off, our class Christmas party (thank you for all your contributions!), Strictly X Factor and the Santa Fun Run! 

Whilst there is no 'homework' over the Christmas holidays, I am encouraging the children to practice their times tables and of course read daily and record some entries in their reading records. Some children still have some abacus activities left over from this term to finish. Our topic for next term is 'Fairtrade' and if the children wish to do any reading on this they are more than welcome.

Lastly I would just like to say a big thank you for the generous gifts and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, 2 December 2016


The children have made their own video games in Computing using Scratch this term.

We have now began our new topic which we will continue after Christmas. In the first session the children made semaphore flags and used these to communicate three letter words to their partners.

Today the children used morse code to communicate with each other. They had to flash the torch for 3 seconds to represent a dash and 1 second to show a dot. Afterwards the children had a go at cracking sentences written in morse code.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Anti Bullying Week

This week is national Anti-Bullying week and the children have been taking part in various activities to help raise awareness.

On Tuesday they were treated to a performance of You, Me and Us by Altru Theatre Company. The story followed a boy called Charlie who has always thought of himself as different. His mum calls him special. His teacher says he’s unique. But deep down Charlie thinks being different is a bad thing – and he wishes everyone was just exactly the same. One day Charlie gets his wish – as he wakes up in a world where everything is grey, everyone has to play the same games and eat the same foods. There’s no colour, light or excitement in this new world and soon Charlie begins thinking that maybe difference isn’t so bad after all!

In Literacy this week the children designed their own comic strips, sharing their ideas of how we can help stop bullying. They tried hard to incorporate this years motto 'Beat The Bad', as well as the typical features seen in a comic.

The children have been trying to get their heads around some tricky concepts in Maths over the last couple of weeks! The first was division. They have been using the written method 'chunking' to divide 3 digit numbers by single digits. We have since moved on to look at angles. They have been using protractors to draw and measure acute, obtuse and reflex angles. These topics will be set for homework over the next couple of weeks and we will revisit them again in year 5, but you may wish to go through these at home in the meantime.

We have been getting 'hands on' in Science this week! The children investigated the amount of friction on different surfaces around the school by measuring the force needed to make a trainer move. Our focus was on fair testing and we discussed how they must keep all variables the same in order for their results to be valid. We also spoke about how taking multiple measurements and calculating a mean increases the reliability of their results.

They have been engaged with our new Geography topic 'Volcanoes'. Last week they analysed a selection of resources and gathered information about the frequency and distribution of volcanic eruptions around the world. A gentle reminder that the homework set last week to compare earthquakes and volcanoes is due next Friday. Thank you for those I have already received.

Leading up to Christmas the children will be looking at alarm systems with Mrs Luckhurst in D&T. They will eventually create their own alarms by building circuits composed of scientific components.

Next Monday we will start a new topic in RE next week called 'Hope'. The children will learn that Advent is the church’s season of waiting in joyful hope for the coming of Jesus.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Week beginning 31.10.16

I hope you all had a lovely half term. In Literacy the children wrote recounts of their favourite day in the holiday and it sounds like you have all been busy! As always, it has been a busy first week back too!

We had Mass on Tuesday morning with our new priest Canon Tony.

In Maths the children have been learning about fractions-this is a challenging topic for many and they have really impressed me with their understanding. For homework this week they have been asked to complete an activity on equivalent fractions.

We have started reading a non-fiction text in Literacy called 'The Museum of Fun'. The children have been able to highlight the important features of non-fiction texts such as headings, subheadings, pictures and a glossary.

Our new topic in Science this half term is Forces. This week the children used Newton metres to measure different objects around the classroom.

We have been practicing our gymnastics in PE this term. This week the children had a go at exploring the different apparatus, including the wall bars. I was amazed by their confidence and the variety of travel and balances on show.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Space Centre

On Tuesday 4th October year 5 visited the Space Centre in Leicester. After an excitable (and slightly noisy!) journey we arrived. 
Our first stop was a workshop about the Earth, Sun and Moon. The children really impressed the tutor with their scientific knowledge.
After a short lunch break we headed into the Centre to explore the different stations which were both informative and interactive. A highlight for many of them I'm sure was the ride on the simulator!
Lastly we watched a Planetarium show which gave the children a very realistic insight into the conditions in space and how an astronaut must prepare.